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About dankash

Who We Are

Who we are?

It’s the fifth year we are together as a couple and have seen massive growth due to our persistent hard work, the passion for innovation and the desire to do better for generations to come. We grew from 0 to 7 figure business and now want to help you do the same.

Our Mission

We strive to become a leading institution in the freelancing and digital world where we can provide a platform for struggling freelancers and emerging entrepreneurs to contribute towards a stronger economy, higher standard of living and eradicate poverty from developing nations.
success img 400+ Success Stories From profile to proposals and a sustainable career
memeber img 7395+ Members Have enjoyed great success through our custom tailored guidelines
business img 700+ Business Built From startups to corporate clients and complex dashboards
success rate img 100% Success Rate Delivered beyond commitment, quality that exceeds expectations


Our Team

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What Real Members Have To Say

The best representative of a company’s repute is what people say about it. Here are a few people who have worked with us and this is what they have to say about us:

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