A.o.a Mam,

hope you are doing well. I am working on hourly job which is long term. During this job I don’t want to send Proposal to any other job or not want to do any other job for some time because of my exams Approximately for one month. I just want to work on this hourly project.

Will it effect to my job success score?

Answered question

Hi Dawood
Job success score is determined by the jobs awarded to you and how you perform on them

Even though one can have 2 or 3 hourly jobs awarded at the same time and work on them, dividing the time of the day

However, if you think your plate is full and you dont want more jobs, you should not bid for now

It wouldnt impact your profile in any way

madam i have same problem.i have no order in my upwork account

post custom bids on relevant jobs