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How To Start a Youtube Channel Without Making Videos

Auhtor dankash
Date: 22 Aug, 2019

Are you wondering how to start a youtube channel without making videos? People often ask me if they can create a youtube channel without having to show their face or record any videos at all.

This is very much possible. The best part about youtube is that it has easy community guidelines and content can be around any topic or niche. If you are producing quality content on conistent basis your youtube chanel will rank. However there are many channels on youtube which are being monetized and make a decent income without even making any videos of their own.

In this video we will talk about how you can use creative commons videos already present on youtube channel and edit and reuse them to create your own videos on the channel. I understand that you must be excited to start your own youtube channel without setting up a studio, buying fancy equipment, getting ready and shooting videos. When you can use existing creative commons videos and run a channel based on them as well as monetize them to start earning. In this video we will cover exactly how you can start a youtube channel without making videos.

Watch the full video and learn how you can benefit from it. Feel free to ask your questions or give suggestions in the comment box. See you soon

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