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Stop Copying Your Competitor’s Digital Marketing Strategy – 3 CRITICAL FACTORS

Auhtor dankash
Date: 19 Sep, 2019

Are you copying your competitor’s digital marketing strategy to get more sales and reach new customers? Do you think it is a good practice because they have already succeeded by doing certain things and if you keep following their footsteps then you too will have a successful business online? One thing we need to understand here is that copying someone and learning from someone are two different things.

While in many of my videos and other popular blogs you must have read or seen that you should follow those ahead of you, put their top pages in keyword tools and get analysis of what is working for them and use it to your benefit. It is completely alright to do your research, find out what works and what doesn’t but that’s only up to the point where you see, evaluate, and adopt for yourself as per your business, your ideas, your budget, your audience and your core objectives.

Look at your competitors, see if they are ahead, learn from their mistakes, improvise on their strengths but never ever ever copy them as is. There are many reasons why you should not copy your competitor’s digital marketing strategy and in this video we will discuss the top three. Watch the complete video to find out why it is critical to not copy your competitor’s digital marketing strategy.

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